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North Central Florida Job Market Update | December 2022

Last month, Florida’s seasonally adjusted employment rate was at 2.6%, making it 0.1% lower than October 2022 and 0.9% lower than the November 2021 rate of 3.5%. Florida’s employment rate was 1.1% lower than the national rate of 3.7%. And Florida’s November 2022 private sector over-the-year growth rate was 5.2%, which is 1.6% higher than

North Central Florida Job Market Update | November 2022

Despite a 0.2% percent increase in Florida’s unemployment rate in October 2022, the state’s unemployment rate was 1.0% lower than the national rate of 3.7%, and the state’s private sector over-the-year rate growth was at 5.6%, which is 1.6% higher than the national job growth rate of 4.0%. Overall Trends in Florida’s Job Market Florida’s

North Central Florida Job Market Update | September 2022

Company growth and employment throughout the state of Florida increased in August, lowering unemployment rates and helping uplift the struggling economy that’s still facing the long-term effects of the pandemic. People feared a recession, but with the unexpected increase in job positions around Florida, many are hopeful for the future and looking forward to steady

A New Tool For Workers Undergoing Career Change

Image of young person looking for a career change on a computer

Gainesville, FL – eIMPACT, the leading provider of labor market data visualization dashboards, today announced the launch of its myCareerPathway™ Dashboard with an implementation in Gainesville’s CareerSource North Central Florida. The first-of-its-kind software product will help job seekers in the greater Gainesville area leverage the power of data visualization highlighting in-demand skills and job market trends,