ADM 01 Approval of Contracts and Conflict of Interest Policy (March 2021) 

ADM 02 Code of Conduct, Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy (June 2020)

ADM 03 Document Retention and Destruction Policy (March 2021)

ADM 04 Property Management Policy (March 2021)

ADM 05 Whistleblower Protection Policy (March 2021)

ADM 06 Board Nomination Process/Policy (September 2020)

ADM 07 Agenda Management Policy (July 2023)

ADM 08 Contractor, Vendor and Subrecipient Determination Policy (July 2023)



COMMS 01 Marketing and Public Relations (Social Media) Policy (March 2021)


Local Operating Procedure

LOP 01 Gas/Gift Card Disbursement

LOP 03 TAA Employment and Case Management Services

LOP 04 WIOA Youth Individual Service Strategy Procedure (March 2022)

LOP 05 WIOA Youth Engagement Group Procedure (March 2022)

LOP 06 WIOA Adult & Dislocated Worker Individual Employment Plan (March 2022)

LOP 07 Wagner-Peyser Job Seeker Program Registration Procedure

LOP 08 Pseudo Social Security Numbers Program Procedure

LOP 09 Correcting Social Security Numbers Procedure

LOP 10 Handling Duplicate Registration and Merging Accounts Procedure

LOP 11 Job Order Entry Procedure

LOP 12 Job Development Procedure

LOP 13 Wagner-Peyser Initial Assessment Procedure

LOP 14 New Employer Registration Procedure

LOP 15 Priority of Service Customer Traffic Flow Procedure

LOP 16 Migrant Seasonal Farmworker Procedure

LOP 17 RESEA Procedure

LOP 18 Wagner-Peyser Participant Exit Procedure

LOP 19 TAA.WIOA Procedure for Co-Enrollment

LOP 20 Marketing Approval Form and Media Request Procedures (May 2023)

LOP 21 Complaint System Procedure 

LOP 22 Collection of Demographic Data Procedure 

LOP 23 Sectored Strategies Procedure

LOP 24 Leave of Absence Request Procedure

LOP 25 Board Member Responsibilities (July 2023)


FIN 02 Accounting Reporting and Disposition of Property Policy (Feb 2021)

FIN 03 Exigency Policy (March 2021)

FIN 04 Travel for Board Members Policy (March 2021)

FIN 05 Procurement Policy (March 2021) 

Cost Allocation and SERA Request

Indirect Costs Process



OPS 01 Economic Self Sufficiency Policy (March 2021)

OPS 03 CSNCFL Individual Training Account (ITA, Budgeting and Fund Coordination) Policy (January 2022)

OPS 04 Supportive Services Policy (August 2022)

OPS 05 WIOA Case Closure Policy (Feb 2021)

OPS 06 Targeted Occupation List and Training Provider Selection LWDB 09 Policy (Feb 2021)

OPS 07 Grievance and Equal Opportunity Policy (December 2022)

OPS 09 Limited English Proficiency Policy (March 2021)

OPS 10 Measurable Skills Gain Policy (March 2021)

OPS 11 Participant Incentives Policy (February 2023)

OPS 12 WIOA Priority of Service Policy (August 2022)

OPS 13 WIOA Youth Eligibility Policy (March 2021)

OPS 14 Reasonable Accommodations Policy (March 2021)

OPS 15 Rapid Response Layoff Aversion Policy (July 2023)

OPS 16 WIOA Adult and Dislocated Workers Eligibility and Services Policy (March 2021)

OPS 17 Monitoring Policy (August 2021)

OPS 25 Common Exit Policy (July 2023)

OPS 27 Job Seeker Registration, Applications and Services Policy

OPS 28 Wagner-Peyser Employ Florida Registration

OPS 29 Wagner-Peyser – Job Referral Services

OPS 30 CSNCFL Sector Strategies Policy (March 2022)

OPS 31 WIOA AD DW Youth Participant Work Experience (WEX) (Effective April 2022)

OPS 83 Work Based Training Overview Policy (March 2019)