Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors

A message from the CEO of CSNCFL is below. Thank you.


This message is intended to provide notice of a vacancy on the North Central Florida Workforce Development Board. The seat is a Private Sector seat for Bradford County (view Roster). In accordance with CSNCFL Administrative Policy ADM 06-Nomination Process, I am providing an analysis of the LWDB 09 Targeted Occupation List and the current representation on the board, as well as a cross reference to the regions Targeted Industries. Those targeted Industries are:

  • Healthcare

  • Technology and STEM,

  • Advanced Manufacturing,

  • Logistics,

  • Leisure and Hospitality,

  • Construction,

  • Agriculture Science,

  • Technology and Human Life Sciences.

Based on the Targeted Occupation List showing annual growth and the recent occurrences with COVID 19, I am recommending representation from either the Leisure and Hospitality Industry or the Logistics Industry-specifically shipping/transportation. If you know of anyone that represents either industry in an Executive/leadership role and may be willing to serve on the board, please forward their name and contact information to me and I will reach out and have a discussion with them to ascertain their interest. Thank you in advance.



Board Officers

Dr. Jeffrey Tate, CTD Holdings

Board Chair (Term expiration: 6/30/22)

Don Davis, Fletcher Family Companies

Vice Chair (Term expiration: 6/30/22)

Patricia Evans, Capital City Bank

Secretary (Term expiration: 6/30/22)

Gary Ascani, Ology Biosciences

Nominating Committee Chair (Term expiration: 6/30/23)

James Ingle, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)

One-Stop Adult/Dislocated Worker Performance Committee Chair (Term expiration: 6/30/22)

Jillian Dinius, Infotech

Youth Committee Chair (Term expiration: 6/30/23)

Board Members

Angie White, Vocational Rehabilitation

Board Member (Term expiration: 6/30/23)

Charles Harris, CFCAA

Board Member (Term expiration: 6/30/23)

Chris Coffey, Bradford School Board

Board Member (Term expiration: 6/30/23 rotating)

Cindy Regen, Exatech

Board Member (Term expiration: 6/30/22)

David Pope, NG Wade Investment/WACO Properties

Board Member (Term expiration: 6/30/23)

Dawn Strickland, Home Sweet Bone

Board Member (Term expiration: 6/30/22)

Dr. Paul Broadie II, Santa Fe College

Board Member (Term expiration: 6/30/23)


Board Member (Term expiration: 6/30/22)


Board Member (Term expiration: 6/30/22)

Marty Shaw, Coldwell Banker: Smith and Smith Realty

Board Member (Term expiration: 6/30/23)


Board Member (Term expiration: 6/30/23)

Samuel Boadi, HCA Healthcare

Board Member (Term expiration: 6/30/23)

Shawn Graves, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers-Local 1205

Board Member (Term expiration: 6/30/22)

Staci Bertrand, Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce

Board Member (Term expiration: 6/30/23)