North Central Florida Job Market Update | September 2022

Company growth and employment throughout the state of Florida increased in August, lowering unemployment rates and helping uplift the struggling economy that’s still facing the long-term effects of the pandemic. People feared a recession, but with the unexpected increase in job positions around Florida, many are hopeful for the future and looking forward to steady employment growth.

Trends in the Local Job Market

Despite inflation, we are seeing an increase in job postings locally and across the state. The trend for most recent job postings is the need for specific skills. Currently, employers and unemployed workers face the issue of the talent skill gap. Many job positions that open up require skilled talent, but current unemployed job seekers either have low to no skills or are not looking for work. 

CareerSource North Central Florida, a one-stop center for employment support in the North Central Florida region, partners with local training providers in the North Central Florida area to address the need for workers through pilot programs for rapid industry credentials.

We hope to be an integral part of bridging the talent-skill gap and helping increase the employment rate even further through apprenticeships, on-the-job training, and more opportunities.

Outlook on the North Central Florida Job Market for the Rest of 2022

Major local employers are looking to expand their companies and continue job growth over the next three years, creating high hopes for unemployed locals and those worried about an upcoming recession. Continued job growth means companies seek to increase positions across North Central Florida and plan on offering communities access to better, higher-paying jobs.

Currently, companies with 136 available CNA/PCA positions are looking to expand and increase that number to 300 by 2024. This need for workers is exactly what the North Central Florida economy needs. In addition, the US Army Reserve Equipment Concentration Site intends to hire 300 new Heavy Diesel Mechanics. The region’s job growth is continuing to spread, and many opportunities are opening up. 

Our area has a high need for skilled Healthcare workers, but we also see high local demand in the transportation and manufacturing industries. The US Army Reserve Equipment Concentration Site will also bring additional demand for transportation-related skills.

August 2022 Labor Numbers:

  • Alachua County Labor Force: 141,371
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.8%

If you are interested in learning more about current job statistics and data in the North Central Florida area, please email [email protected].