Transition your service experience to civilian job opportunities

We are proud to announce the partnership to host a Veteran Employability Workshop for veterans and all people who served in the military service that are looking for civilian job opportunities in the North Central Florida region.

The workshop will address topics such as:

  • Developing a military-to-civilian skills crosswalk and translating the military occupational code
  • Writing a resume that effectively conveys previous experience and value proposition to potential employers
  • Learning effective job search, job application, and job interviewing techniques
  • Learning effective dress codes for job fairs and interviews

If you are veteran, service member or served in the military, and you are interested in attending the workshop, please RSVP online or call Alachua County Veteran Services line at 352-264-6740. If you call, make sure to mention that you want to sign up for the Veteran Employability Workshop.

Veteran Employability Workshop topics