Summer Youth Work Experience





This summer FloridaWorks is inviting Gainesville-area young adults, ages 14 to 24, to apply for positions in summer employment programs funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.



The Summer Youth Work Experience is the FloridaWorks employment program funded by more than $500,000 in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds. The program will provide valuable training and experience in local jobs this summer for 500 young adults. In turn, this program will financially benefit the Gainesville area economy. After completing training, participants will earn $7.50 per hour for up to 100 hours between June 15 and August 8.

Some of the proposed programs include are,

International Carbon Bank Exchange
A team of young people will monitor the carbon bank units of each project. At the end of the summer, the youths will put together a presentation to show how each program enhanced the Gainesville area and lowered our community’s carbon footprint.


Digital Media
Ten students to form a press corps and cover/ report on each project.


School Board of Alachua County
School Board staff will provide CNA, Bio Diesel and Solar Technology training for 60 students.


Home Weatherization
Youths will perform energy audits and weatherization for 10,000 moderate- to low-income homes by 2012.


Santa Fe College
Santa Fe College will be offering short-term training programs in more than 40 categories

CISTO Teen Program
Cisto staff will be using the “Seven Habits” curriculum to mentor young women with the goal of reducing birth and re-birth rates in Bradford County..


More than 60 employers and non-profit agencies in the community have signed on to participate in the program.

The summer youth program is made available statewide through $43 million in federal stimulus dollars. Wages and duration of job placements vary by local workforce board.

Click here to apply. If you are an employer and want to host summer interns please contact Carol Perrine at 352.244.5655