Opportunity Quest

Opportunity Quest was an entrepreneurship training program created by a collaboration between FloridaWorks, Santa Fe College CIED, Bill Dorman (Interim Director at GTEC), and Jim Lilkendey (Owner of Apogee Coaching) for welfare transition participants. The program ended on June 1, 2011. The program taught the participants how to think like business owners, by helping them:

  • Focus on what they do best
  • Take control of their money
  • Explore new paths to self‐employment
  • Hear from those who have been there and made it
Mr. Dorman and Mr. Lilkendey provided the participants with personalized business coaching to help them advance their business ideas to the next level. Upon completion of the program, FloridaWorks and Santa Fe College Center for Innovation and Economic Development (CIED) partnered in developing a startup incubator in Starke. The incubator will provide ongoing support for program participants for their businesses. The incubator’s services will also be extended to qualifying customers in Bradford County.