Opportunity Quest – For Employers

Opportunity Quest for Employers - Looking to hire new talent?

Opportunity Quest- A CareerSource North Central Florida Special Grant funded through the Department of Labor’s Strengthening Working Families Initiative

CSNCFL has been awarded a $4 million grant to reduce childcare barriers for parents seeking education, training, and paid On-the-Job Training (OJT) in Technology careers and Industry. OJT positions can be for up to 16 weeks or 640 hours.

What does that mean for you, the local business? 

If you are a qualifying industry, or have a qualifying position, it could mean you can partner with CareerSource NCFL to hire and train an eligible participant in technology, receiving reimbursement for a portion of their wages. Partnering in this initiative not only builds the local talent pool by increasing the skill levels, it allows you to offset the cost of hiring and training new employees. 

Specific guidelines are:

  • OJT positions must be within the information technology industry sector, and may range from entry-level positions (such as data entry) to more advanced positions (web application developer, software engineer, etc.).
  • OJT opportunities are limited to the period of time required for a trainee to become proficient in the occupation for which the training is being provided AND must not exceed 16 weeks in duration, or 640 total hours.
  • Employed (incumbent) workers are not eligible for on-the-job training, and grantees are specifically prohibited from spending grant funds on payment of wages of incumbent workers.
  • Participant placements may only occur in private for-profit and non-profit sectors (i.e., the grant does not allow for public sector placements).
  • No placement may be made in staffing agencies providing workers on a temporary basis to employers for which the agency receives compensation from an employer.

If you would like more information, please contact a CareerSource NCFL Business Services Manager .

Andrene Maxis