Nonprofit Offers No-Cost Smoking Cessation Services for Local Companies

A tobacco-free workforce improves your bottom-line and protects employees’ health

As companies across Florida face the challenges of a slowed economy, cost savings and productivity are more important than ever. It is essential to regularly examine costs, productivity losses, and staffing expenses to find ways to become more efficient. Many Florida businesses are discovering that something as simple as tobacco use in the workplace can have a profound effect on their profitability.

Reduce your company’s healthcare costs:

It is no secret that employee healthcare costs are one of the largest expenses faced by Florida businesses. A report by the Employee Benefit Research Institute indicates that healthcare costs account for 44.8 percent of after-tax profits in US businesses.1 On average, healthcare costs for your employees who smoke are up to 34 percent higher than those who do not use tobacco.2 Every employee who smokes can cost you an extra $1,623 a year in medical expenses.3 You can help reduce these healthcare costs and strengthen your bottom line by creating a tobacco-free workforce.

Increase your workforce productivity:

Tobacco use is also the leading contributor to lost work production time. Florida businesses lose an average of $1,760 per smoker every year in lost productivity.4 Workers who smoke at least one pack of cigarettes a day experience 7775% more lost productive time than nonsmoking workers.5 A tobacco-free workforce is a more productive workforce, and helping your employees become tobacco-free will empower them to improve their lives and increase their work productivity.

Invest in proven successful and cost effective health insurance benefits:

You can help your employees become tobacco-free by investing in a low-cost, high value health insurance benefit. The Centers for Disease Control consider tobacco cessation coverage to be the most cost-effective health insurance benefit you can provide to your workers.6 After just three years, your company will be generating additional savings rather than merely offsetting costs.

Tobacco Free Florida and Tobacco Free Alachua can equip your business to avoid the large costs of tobacco. For help increasing productivity and reducing your staff expenses through a tobacco-free workforce, contact Marilyn Headley at 352.334.7914 or Tobacco Free Alachua has assisted over a dozen local organizations with their tobacco-free workforce, including the University of Florida, North Florida Regional Medical Center, Life South Blood Centers, ACORN Clinic and most recently Meridian Behavioral Health Care.



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