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MindTree Limited is a global IT and Product Engineering Services Company with over 11,000 employees globally. MindTree’s new Development Center in Gainesville reflects the Company’s strategy to broaden its IT and software consulting offerings to its clients in the United States. Visit for more information.


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EFM Job # Position Title Salary
9683173 Business Analyst DOE
9664212 Business Development Manager $90,000/yr (min.)
9667620 Programmers (8-10) $37,000-40,000
9682116 Scrum Master DOE
9669851 Team Lead/Program Manager DOE
9682121 Tech Lead DOE
9682124 UX/UI Developer DOE


DOE – depends on experience
Min. – minimum salary wage
Jobs titles followed by PT indicates a  part-time job and a number indicates number of openings