Legislative Priorities

CareerSource North Central Florida is a local workforce development organization that serves Alachua and Bradford countries in North Central Florida. Our goal and mission is to develop and implement training and employment programs for business leadership, prospective employees, and policymakers in the area.

CareerSource North Central Florida is responsible for an estimated $108 million in annual positive economic impact in the State of Florida, which subsequently generates nearly $15 million per year in local, state and federal taxes. This amount far exceeds operational costs.

Our programs aim to facilitate work-based occupational training, support entrepreneurs with resources and guidance, and encourage economic development throughout Alachua and Bradford countries.

Occupational Training

Since 2011, CareerSource North Central Florida has developed programs that pay unemployed and underemployed individuals to learn high-demand science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills. These programs pay for themselves up to twenty times over in economic impact, tax generation, and job creation.

CareerSource North Central Florida’s occupational training programs have resulted in numerous advantages to Alachua and Bradford counties’ growing businesses:

  • Employers in one program retained more than 80% of trainees provided on-the-job training.
  • According to an independent review commissioned by CareerSource North Central Florida, one program created more than 170 new jobs for growing businesses.
  • Salaries for jobs supported by CareerSource North Central Florida are higher than both the State of Florida and Gainesville MSA averages.

Entrepreneurship Training

CareerSource North Central Florida is a national leader in providing community members the resources they need to open their own business or launch new innovations at their current company. Through programs like Opportunity Quest and Startup Quest®, we provide training to welfare recipients (Opportunity Quest) and unemployed professionals (Startup Quest®) that encourages and helps develop entrepreneurial skills.

These two programs have resulted in expanded opportunities for the area’s community members:

  • Since 2011, we have trained more than 2300 Floridians in entrepreneurship skills with (at the time of this report) 60% entering employment.
  • Startup Quest® participants average post-training earnings of $40,501.
  • More than $80M has been generated in annual economic impact through entrepreneurship training programs.

Economic Development Alignment

CareerSource North Central Florida’s programs work to quickly and efficiently train workers to become financially independent while filling employment and training gaps for local businesses. Ultimately, this results in business growth and economic development for Alachua and Bradford countries.

Our programs encourage substantial economic development locally, throughout Florida, and on a national level:

  • $5.9 million per year in local and state taxes will be returned over 20 years.
  • Programs will result in $108 million in total economic impact activity for the State of Florida.
  • $9 million per year in federal taxes will be returned over 20 years.