Audits, Contracts and Agreements


Single Audit for the last two years.


A plain language version of any contract that is estimated to exceed $35,000 with a private entity, municipality, city, town, or vendor of services, supplies, or programs, including marketing, or for the purchase or lease or use of lands, facilities, or properties.

  • Dynamic Workforce Solutions – The funds allocated for the delivery of WIOA Title I services, management of the one-stop system, provision of a one-stop operator, WIOA Out-of-School youth program, WTP and the listed discretionary grants under this
    Agreement for the period of July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021 shall be One Million, Eight Hundred Ninety Five Thousand, Three Hundred Fifty Nine Dollars and Zero Cents ($1,895,359.00) of which

i. Three Hundred Twenty Six Thousand Three Hundred Thirty-Eight Dollars and Eighty-Five Cents ($ 326,338.85) shall be expended on the WIOA adult program;
ii. One Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Five Hundred Thirteen Dollars and Fourteen Cents ($149,513.14) and Twenty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty Nine Dollars and Fifty Eight Cents ($28,729.58) for a total of One Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Two Dollars and Seventy Two Cents ($178,242.72) shall be expended on WIOA dislocated worker participants;
iii. Sixty Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Eighty Dollars ($67,580.00) shall be expended in accordance with National Dislocated Worker Temporary Disaster Relief related to COVID-19 ;
iv. Nine Hundred Thousand Three Hundred Forty Nine Dollars and Fifteen Cents ($ 900,349.15) shall be expended on WIOA Out-of-
School youth participants; Twenty percent of the entire WIOA Youth allocation or Three Hundred and One Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Two Dollars and Sixty Cents ($301,452.60) of the funds allocated for Out of School Youth shall be spent on Youth Work Experience or On the Job
v. Two Hundred Twenty-Three Thousand One Hundred Seventy Eight Dollars and One Cents ($223,178.01) shall be expended on WTP participants;
vi. Seventeen Thousand One Hundred Seventy-Seven Dollars and Zero Cents ($17,177.00),shall be expended on the Stepping Stones Masonry Apprenticeship Expansion;
vii. Nineteen Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Dollars and Twenty-Four Cents ($19,820.00), shall be expended on Makers Professional Apprenticeship/Apprenticeship Expansion;
viii.Seven Thousand and Forty One Dollars and Seventy Seven Cents ($7041.77) shall be expended on Emerging Initiatives;
ix. One Hundred Four Thousand One Hundred Twenty Nine Dollars and Thirty Four Cents ($104,129.34) shall be expended on providing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program services;
x. Sixteen Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Two Dollars and Seventy Two Cents ($16,982.72) shall be spent on Re-employment Services And Eligibility Assessments;

The following are applicable to the program operated by the Sub- grant Recipient and to the terms and conditions of this Sub-grant Agreement and any amendments hereto.

Academic Credit, Administrative Costs, Allowable Costs, Amendment, Apprenticeship Program, Assessment, Audit, Barriers to Employment, Basic Skills Deficient, Case Management, Certificate, Classroom Training,The Code of Federal Regulations, Commercial Organization, Cost Allocation Plan, Cost Reimbursement Sub-grant Agreement, Countable Work Activity, Credential, Demand Occupation, Department of Economic Opportunity, Department of Children and Families, Dislocated Worker, Eligible or Eligibility, Eligible Training Providers List (ETPL), Excess Revenue, Exit, Funding Stream, Governor, Individual Service Strategy (ISS), Individual Training Account (ITA), Industry Based Training, In School Youth, Low Income Individual, Lower Living Standard Income Level, Occupational Training, Offender, Occupational Information Network, Out of School Youth (OSY), Participant, Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, PELL Grant, Post-Secondary Institution, Pre Test and Post Test, Profit, Program, Program Costs, Program Year, Program Income, Retention, Service Provider, Slot, Stand In Costs, Sub-grant Recipient, Support, Tuition, The United States Department of Labor. Also referred to as DOL or U.S. DOL., The Welfare Transitions Program, The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 AND Work Experience.

  • North Florida Regional Chamber of Commerce – The total funds allocated for the services to be provided under this Contract shall be Sixty Four Thousand dollars and no cents ($64,000.00). Contractor shall invoice CSNCF monthly for the deliverables listed in the budget document.

Contractor shall serve as an intermediary between the CSNCF one-stop system and Contractor’s employer members and prospective members to help identify training and placement opportunities for both their employer members and CSNCF, one-stop job seekers by providing the following services.

A. Introduce new businesses which become Chamber members during each quarter of the Contract term by facilitating a meeting between the CSNCF Executive Director or his designee and the One-Stop Center Manager and job development staff who will describe one-stop center services for the local area to the employers.

B. Bi-annually during the contract term, with the dates to be approved by the CSNF Executive Director, engage a minimum of 5 small employers or 2 large employers or a combination of 4 large and small employers representing a targeted occupational area. The occupational area shall be agreed to by Contractor and the CSNCF Executive Director. The Chamber shall organize an Employer Forum and include education, economic development and workforce. The Chamber shall identify a speaker to address the Forum and shall then to lead a discussion on
employer workforce needs, challenges, and gaps. CSNCF and the one-stop provider will address the Forum on workforce services available for employers.

C. Meet with the CSNCF Executive Director quarterly to identify the Chamber events appropriate for attendance by a representative of CSNCF. This shall not include ribbon cuttings or food fairs.

D. Contractor shall provide an opportunity quarterly for a representative of the local workforce system to address the membership, at a regularly scheduled meeting or event already on Contractor’s calendar after reviewing the meetings with CSNCF.

E. Weekly communicate a one-stop service through the weekly Chamber Chatter e-newsletter. Copy to be provided by CSNCF and the one-stop.

F. Contractor shall provide CSNCF with 4 complimentary Chamber Memberships. 2 for CSNCF Staff and 2 for CSNCF one stop provider staff, and 2 complimentary tickets to the annual meeting. This will enable CSNCF to have a representative at Chamber meetings to network with employer members.

G. Contractor shall continue to maintain a prominent link on their homepage for CSNCF and shall move the link up to follow “Business Support” so it is not the last link before dues. Contractor shall modify the website to create a live link to the CSNCF website.

H. Prior to June 30, 2021, Contractor shall create a live link on the Chamber website under “Jobs and Community Opportunities” that will take employers directly to the CSNCF website where they can connect to Employ Florida to list their jobs. The website shall include a clear message that indicates the partnership between the Chamber and CSNCF. The message shall be approved by CSNCF.

I. Create a link on the Chamber website under “Jobs and Community Opportunities” that will take employers directly to the CSNCF website where they can connect to Employ Florida to list their jobs and provide a clear message that indicates the partnership between the Chamber and CSNCF to be approved by CSNCF.

J. When the pandemic subsides and meetings are live rather than virtual, Contractor shall provide CSNCF with the use of their Conference Room for Bradford County Recruitments and Job Fairs once monthly for 10 months. Contractor shall be responsible for “set up and take down.” The calendar shall be agreed to by CSNCF, their one-stop provider and Contractor. Where warranted there may be two events in a single month and no event the following month as agreed to by the parties.

K. Contractor shall add all CSNCF one-stop recruitments and job fairs to the North Florida Region Events calendar on their website regardless of whether the recruitments and job fairs are in Alachua or Bradford County.

L. Contractor shall identify positions that are considered to be a result of new and emerging occupations in the local workforce area specifically in Bradford County and shall identify occupational sectors that are showing a downward trend in Bradford County by collecting labor market information from the Chamber members. The results shall be provided to CSNCF. The information collected shall be assembled into a report to CSNCF and shall also be posted on the Contractor’s website so that it is available to the members. Contractor shall indicate that it was
collected and is being made available courtesy of CSNCF.

M. Contractor shall include two (2) listings in their Online Business Directory. One for CSNCF and the other for one for the one-stop center. CSNCF shall approve the language and informationto be included in the directory.

N. Contractor shall amend the Training Resource Guide to include additional information about CSNCF by working with CSNCF on the acknowledgement for CSNCF. At the time of the execution of this Contract the Resource Guide is inaccessible. Contractor shall make the link live and confer with CSNCF regarding the addition all programs available through the one stop system.

  • Communities in Schools – The total funds allocated for the services to be provided under this Contract shall be Twenty-Four Thousand dollars and no cents ($24,000.00). Contractor shall invoice CSNCF monthly in the amount of two thousand dollars for the deliverables listed in the budget document.

Contractor shall provide family planning education to youth enrolled in the Bradford County high schools, who at risk of needing welfare in the future. Services to be provided include:

A. Contractor shall identify 70 in-school youth between the ages of 13 and 19 who meet the at-risk criteria for needing welfare services because of a teen pregnancy.

B. Contractor shall provide a needs assessment as part of the process of enrollment and shall document the youth’s barrier as well as collect all information necessary to do the data entry into OSST the State’s data base for the youth.

C. Contractor shall provide those youth with various aspects of the Communities In Schools curriculum.

D. Contractor shall distribute the “Girls Circle” activity guides and similar appropriate curricula for any of the males enrolled in the program.

E. Contractor shall emphasize the value of family planning and waiting to start a family until a time when youth have graduated high school and are on a path to self- sufficiency.

F. Contractor shall submit a monthly report.


All active agreements with another board that delegates partial or complete responsibility for any duties the Board is expected, required, or mandated to perform under this Agreement or WIOA, even if the cost is not expected to exceed $35,000.