Apply to Join the Board

About the Board of Directors

Our 33-member board of directors is a forward-thinking, business-driven leadership team that provides policy oversight, directs strategies, and manages resources to deliver holistic, community-wide workforce strategies.

As the local arm of the CareerSource Florida network, the CareerSource North Central Florida Board of Directors represents and serves the employers and residents of Alachua and Bradford counties. It is led by executive-level business leaders – from a diverse array of large and small businesses – with support from partners representing a variety of community, professional, and economic development organizations and agencies.

Local Leadership

Locally, the Board of Directors is authorized and governed by an Interlocal Agreement between Alachua and Bradford counties. Each County reviews and approves nominees for board members from their respective County. For decisions that affect constituents in both counties, the counties send delegates quarterly to review the activities of the Board under a Dual County Consortium. Board operation is also conducted in accordance with its Bylaws.

Why Join?

Decisions on workforce policy, training, and investment in the future of our talent pipeline are made everyday. CareerSource North Central Florida serves as one of the few dedicated agencies available to both guide the future of workforce development and implement programs, services, and activities to solve critical talent shortages.

By serving on our board, you can ensure your voice is heard, needs are identified, and important decisions are made in the long-term planning of Alachua and Bradford counties.

Who can serve?

The Board of Directors’ composition is defined by the federal Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA).

  • Majority of members must be business executives with optimum hiring authority as noted under WIOA 107(2)(a)(1)
  • Workforce representatives such as labor organizations
  • Community-based organizations such as philanthropies
  • Public and private education & training providers
  • Representatives from government, economic, and community development agencies

Who currently serves? How long are terms?

A current up-to-date listing of the Board of Directors is available here.

Board members serve three-year terms and are eligible to renew their seats at the conclusion of their term. All members must attend bi-monthly Board of Directors meetings and serve on a committee (meeting times and frequencies vary). Members are appointed to committees by the Chair.

Board members who are elected or appointed to leadership positions such as a Committee chair serve for one year. All leadership positions are a one-year commitment except for the Vice Chair.

The Vice Chair is the Board Chair-elect and therefore serves one program year as Vice Chair and immediately assumes the role of Board Chair effective July 1 the following program year.

How to Join: Application & Nomination Process

Joining the Board of Directors is a simple five-step process. The process varies slightly depending on if you plan to represent your organization as an employer or as a workforce services partner.

The process and eligibility criteria are outlined in federal law under the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act, Section 107(b)(2)(a).

Business Seats

Business seats are seats for employers who have “optimum hiring authority,” as noted under WIOA 107(2)(a)(1). Typically these are individuals who serve as C-suite executives, human resources managers, or are founders, partners, or principals of their organization with executive functions.

  1. Attend a meeting or talk with staff: Before applying to join the Board of Directors, we encourage prospective members to attend a committee meeting, attend a board meeting, or talk with staff. The Executive Director typically can provide an overview on the current board make up and the Board’s strategic vision. Prospective members are encouraged to talk with business services or other staff to better understand the organization, its needs, and its opportunities.
  2. Complete an Application: Each board member is asked to complete a brief application. This application helps us confirm important details about you including:
    • Your name,
    • Your employer or organization affiliation,
    • Which type of Board seat you are applying for,
    • Whether you are applying for a seat covered by Alachua County, Bradford County, or both, and,
    • Any background information that helps nominators and the county commissions learn more about your skills, motivations, and qualifications for participating on the CareerSource NCFL Board of Directors.

    Applications are one page front-and-back and can be completed online or handwritten. When completing your application, please indicate the county you reside in, even if you use your business address on your application.

  3. Secure a Nomination: Once you complete your application, you will need to be “nominated by local business organizations and business trade associations,” per federal law referenced above. Locally, this means you will need a letter of nomination from your local chamber of commerce or a similar economic development organization (such as the Gainesville Area Innovation Network (GAIN) for Alachua County employers). Letters of nomination are then submitted to the respective County for review. Staff will request and facilitate these nominations on your behalf.
  4. Get Appointed by the County Commissions: The County Commissions of Alachua and Bradford counties are responsible for reviewing applications for seats covered by their respective county. Once you and staff have secured your application and your nomination letter, staff will submit the materials for review by the appropriate County Commission. Staff will inform you of the date your nomination will be presented to the County Commission, and while you are not required to do so, you are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Commissioners appreciate having a moment to say hello, ask questions to learn more, and know that you are committed to your service on the Board.
  5. If approved, confirm your term with staff: Depending on the seat you applied for, your start date may take effect at a later or earlier time than you expect. For example, sometimes member are appointed to a seat where the previous seat-holder resigned. This may mean that your term is less than three-years. Similarly, sometimes a County Commission or the Dual County Consortium review applications sooner or later than initially predicted.

Required Partners Seats

Required partner seats follow the same process above with two differences:

  1. Nominations: Your nomination must come from the institution you will represent. This nomination letter can come in the form of a letter from the chair of the institution’s board of directors, a supervisor, or other appropriate authority.
  2. Applications & Appointment: Applications are reviewed by the Dual County Consortium. The Dual County Consortium is an official gathering of four delegates (two from each county) to review business that affects both counties. This includes board applications for Required Partner seats (excluding Planning Commission seats for Alachua and Bradford counties respectively).The Dual County Consortium meets quarterly. Meetings are posted on the CareerSource NCFL Board Calendar.

Financial Disclosure

State law requires that all local workforce board members submit a financial disclosure form every year. This form may be viewed on the Florida Commission on Ethics website, New board members are required to file their financial disclosure form within 30 days from the effective date of their appointment to the board. For purposes of financial disclosure, board members are considered Local Officers.

Ready to apply?

Once completed, submit to Tommy Crosby (Alachua County) at Once submitted, staff will get to work coordinating next steps with you and the appropriate parties.

Oversight & Leadership

Federal Resources, State Direction

The board is federally authorized under the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) Section 107 and serves as the local arm of the CareerSource Florida network authorized under Florida Statutes, Chapter 445.

Additionally, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) serves as the administrative entity for all boards in the CareerSource Florida network. This means DEO provides compliance and financial reviews and technical assistance to local boards and their professional staff.

Government in the Sunshine

All meetings of the CareerSource North Central Florida Board of Directors and its committees are open to the public. Members of the Board of Directors are subject to all applicable Florida Government-in-the-Sunshine laws.