ITN 02-25-2014 Questions and Answers

Question: Can a Respondent apply to conduct any configuration of the three required Business services activities? They are listed as employer outreach and recruitment, skilled job seeker recruitment, and other special services. Could a Respondent then apply to conduct only employer outreach and recruitment or only skilled job seeker recruitment?

Answer: Yes. As stated on Page 16 of the ITN, respondents may express interest in one or more of the Services listed. Respondents will be asked to negotiate a contract based only on those Services for which they have submitted responses and which were chosen for award. Selection may be for award of a contract for any or all of the Services proposed by the Respondent. The Respondent should articulate in its response whether it is willing to accept a partial award of its proposed Services.

Question: The ITN response content and organization Section F bullet point 5 on page 27, states that the respondent must describe your organizations experience, ability, and systems to:

Maintain sufficient working capital (excess of current assets over current liabilities as indicated in the financial statements) to ensure adequate financial resources for the Respondent to complete the contracted services. Working capital is required to be at least 10% of the proposed contract or $10,000 whichever is greater.

My questions are:

How can we adequately answer this without prior knowledge of the total amount of the proposed contract?

Answer: The final budget amount for the 2014-2015 program year is not yet available. Contracts will be negotiated with each Respondent who is selected for award based on the services for which they have proposed. For planning purposes the 2013-2014 regional budget, by program, are provided:

WP: $316,128

WIA Adult: $966,154

WIA Dislocated Worker: $97,524

WIA Youth: $1,476,125

Welfare Transition: $551,929

SNAP: $350,000

Reemployment Assistance: $38,015