Become an Eligible Training Provider

Thanks for your interest in becoming an approved Training Provider with CareerSource North Central Florida (NCFL).
CareerSource NCFL uses a list of approved training providers to provide in demand occupational training to Alachua and Bradford County residents. We invite all interested organizations interested in become a training provider to submit an application. We have an open and ongoing application and approval process. All training providers and each program of study to be offered must be approved by the CareerSource NCFL board. Those that are approved will be added to the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL).

The ETPL assists individuals eligible for WIOA services to identify training providers who offer approved job training in demand occupations. Training programs submitted must be on the local area Regional Targeted Occupations List.

Becoming a Training Provider

The process for selection of eligible training providers is documented in the CareerSource NCFL policy. Upon receipt of an application, CareerSource NCFL will review all information presented and compare it against the required criteria. If the Training Provider Application is approved or renewed, all programs submitted are approved. Programs continuing to meet minimum requirements will be approved or renewed.

Training providers will be notified of decisions on all programs submitted within ten (10) working days of the date of Board approval or denial.

General Information

  1. Training providers may apply for approval in more than one local workforce development area (LWDA). Approval for one LWDA does not result in automatic approval in any other LWDAs. Although there are established federal and state standards for training provider eligibility, each of the twenty-four (24ok) LWDAs may require additional criteria for use in determining local eligibility. Training providers should follow the application process for each of the LWDAs they are interested in serving.
  2. Programs submitted must be on the local area Regional Targeted Occupations List.
  3. Training providers must provide student-based information from the Florida Education Training and Placement Information Program (FETPIP).
  4. Training providers that are currently approved by CareerSource NCFL to receive training funds must complete the Continued Eligibility Application (p1) to ensure that training service eligibility does not lapse.
  5. Training providers who are not currently on the CareerSource NCFL eligible training provider list should complete the Initial Eligibility Application .

Required Documents for Continued Eligibility
for current providers on the ETPL

Training providers who were deemed eligible to provide training programs prior to June 30, 2016 are required to apply for continued eligibility. This includes institutes of higher education who were not required to be listed on the ETPL under the WIA. Continued Eligibility training providers must submit an application every year.

Required Documents for Initial Eligibility
for providers who have never been on the CareerSource NCFL ETPL