FloridaWorks Looks to the Future

December is a time for reflection on the successes and challenges the year has brought. Well, it is January, folks, and we are finished reflecting. It is time to get down to business! The first six months of 2009 are jam-packed with exciting work, and the good stuff has already begun.

First off, FloridaWorks has a new Director of Workforce Operations, Jose Gavarrette. Jose has more than 12 years of progressive leadership experience and brings a wealth of knowledge from both the public and private sector. He is focusing on strengthening FloridaWorks from the inside out and is leading the charge to get back to the basics of excellence. Jose has brought a great attitude with him and we are excited to welcome him to the FloridaWorks team.

Speaking of excitement, there are several opportunities this year to recruit new employees. While FloridaWorks can always host a specialized job fair just for your company, we are also hosting two career fairs in the next few months and collaborating with Santa Fe College for two more. While it can be a challenge in some communities to find the right fit for your company, Gainesville has a fantastic pool of job seekers. In our EmployFlorida.com database, there are more than 2,600 job seekers with an associate degree or above—all in the Gainesville area. And more than 500 of them have advanced degrees. Click here for more information about FloridaWorks career fairs.

If you are a job seeker, there is great news for you too! While a lot of the country is struggling with unemployment, Gainesville’s unemployment rate remains the lowest in the state. And there are more than 300 jobs in the Gainesville area listed on EmployFlorida.com.

Our outreach does not stop with career fairs. The FloridaWorks and LifeSouth “Saving Lives, Changing Lives” partnership is revving up this year. We will be getting out into the community with the LifeSouth team for blood drives and outreach events to get people registered in EmployFlorida.com and help them find jobs. We are also participating in the Five Points of Life marathon. Look for our water station on 13th Street or at the Kiss 105.3 remote during the post-race celebration.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. It is a new year, and we cannot wait to help people achieve their employment resolutions. For more information about what FloridaWorks has to offer, please call 334-7105 x 311 or click here.