Florida Back to Work Update

62 Local Employers Create Jobs through Stimulus Funding

Florida Back to Work program reimburses 95% of wages for jobs created

Since January, FloridaWorks has worked with local employers to help to create more than 645 jobs in Alachua and Bradford counties with federal stimulus funding under a state program called Florida Back to Work. Participating employers are reimbursed up to 95 percent for wages from jobs created under the Florida Back to Work program.  

Hiring for the Florida Back to Work program began in early April with money from an emergency fund under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program. Local businesses, with the aid of FloridaWorks and TempForce working in unison, have helped to employ more than 230 people in Alachua and Bradford Counties. To date, this represents more than $557,000 in wages earned by local jobseekers.

While most types of businesses, both public and private qualify for funds to create jobs through Florida Back to Work, a narrower stream of jobseekers qualify to apply for these jobs.

To qualify for a Florida Back to Work job, a jobseeker must have dependent children in the household and meet income guidelines. For example, a family of four must have a household income less than $44,100 in order to meet eligibility guidelines to apply for Florida Back to Work jobs.

More than 400 jobs are still available at local businesses through Florida Back to Work. 

Jobs funded by Florida Back to Work end on September 30, 2010, unless the program’s funding is extended by the State of Florida.   

To create jobs or apply for jobs through the Florida Back to Work program, please click here.


What participating Florida Back to Work employers are saying:

“FloridaWorks did an outstanding job of administering the Florida Back to Work program. We interacted with several individuals at FloridaWorks – and although busy – each person was helpful, understanding and quick to respond. At first blush, it appeared that we would not be able to benefit from the federal program as much as we had hoped. Instead, due to the fact that the team at FloridaWorks was incredibly accommodating, demonstrated strong initiative and had our best interests in mind, Prioria was able to bring on NINE very talented employees, dramatically increasing the functionality of our company. Thanks to FloridaWorks and their detailed focus on our company’s unique needs, our new hires are all top-quality professionals from our community with a variety of skill-sets. We could not be more pleased with the outcome and are deeply grateful for the effort the FloridaWorks put forth.”

Kristin Kozelsky, Office Manager, Prioria

“Just wanted to give you a heads up on our new Florida Back to Work employee, JoAnna. She is a dream come true. From the moment we interviewed her — both Betty and I knew she was a ‘keeper’. She is intelligent, a quick learn, responsible and takes ownership all in the first week. The six other employees at the Call Center feel the same way. Thrilled. I believe JoAnna will be a great addition to the Santa Fe Family.”

Cheryl Farrell, Administrative Assistant to Bennye Alligood, Associate Vice President for College & Community Relations, Santa Fe College

“Our organization is experiencing growing pains and, at the same time, struggling with the economic downturn.   We are preparing ourselves for the next economic recovery and needed to move our company from thinking small to being competitive with the major players in the marketplace.  The Florida Back to Work program pushed us over the funding hump for a new position in development for our company and now we are seeing results!  Thank you Florida Back to Work for getting us over the difficult period by creating a new job!”

Kirk Eppenstein, Executive Director, Alachua County Humane Society

“Here at Santa Fe College we’ve filled 18 positions now with FBTW employees. In my own department (the Center for Innovation and Economic Development) we’ve placed three of those persons. In all three cases, we’ve found people who had the qualifications and attitudes needed to succeed in our setting. Having them in place has made it possible for us to meet program goals despite these tough economic times. Beyond the obvious short-term benefits to the college and the employee, it is clear that the work experience being gained will make these persons more competitive in the market in the future.”

Dug Jones, Asst. Vice President for Economic Development, Santa Fe College