Florida Back to Work Program

The Florida Back To Work program ended on September 30, 2010.  Since March 22, 73 employers hired 310 local employees with funding from the program. There is currently discussion in the U.S. Senate whether to extend the program, but no final decision has been made at this time. Should the program be extended at the federal level, FloridaWorks will work diligently and quickly to re-implement the program locally.  Check back here to keep up with the latest developments.

Local businesses have benefitted greatly from the subsidized wages that were the keystone of this project. The communities in Alachua and Bradford counties have also benefitted from the gainful employment of the 310 members of the workforce. The total wages generated by the program amount to $2,017,000.00. The ripple effect of the wages earned as the employees purchase goods and services in the local area benefit the community as a whole. Jobseekers have benefited from gaining skills, building relationships and obtaining employment that would not have been available without this funding.  This created a win-win-win situation for our community. The employers, employees, and community all reaped economic benefits of this program that helped reduce the unemployment rate and stimulate the local economy.

To watch a video testimonial of how Florida Back To Work helped a local employer, please click here