Financial Resources

* The tax incentives referenced below are subject to change based on funding. This list is for general reference only and is not to be construed as a legal document.

Veteran Tax Credit – tax incentive for hiring veterans

  • Tax reductions up to $9,600 during the first year of employment, depending on the qualified applicant and target group

Work Opportunity Tax Credit – tax incentives for private-for-profits to hire job applicants who have difficulty finding employment

  • Tax reduction up to $9,600 over two years, depending on the qualified applicant

Federal Bonding – incentive program to hire at-risk job applicants

  • Provides bond in units of $5,000
  • Provides insurance coverage for a 6-month period

Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund – tax incentive for employers looking to expand by at least 10 employees

  • Tax refunds up to $6,000 per new job created

Short Time Compensation – An alternative to layoffs by helping employers retain their workforce

  • Provides prorated unemployment compensation benefits to employees with reduced work hours and earnings