Red Carpet Customer Service Training and Certification Program

The Red Carpet Customer Service Training and Certification Program is designed to help employers teach the lessons of customer service for both internal and external customers in a way that does not single one individual out. A primary focus of the program is to increase customer service awareness. Other benefits include: increasing value by helping employers reduce the cost of turnover due to poor employee performance and increasing the value of soft skills in our community.

Our initial goal is to certify 3,000 people in customer service, raising the level of customer service in our community one jobseeker, one employee, and one organization at a time. This fun, interactive training and certification program is being taught in three-hour blocks and can be taught at Santa Fe CIED or at your business location.

Learn how to make customers feel important by delivering consistent red carpet customer service! If you are in health care, education, management, hospitality, car repair, public relations, marketing, human resources, banking, finance, retail, insurance, airline and travel, plumbing, roofing and more, there are examples and information in this training for your business! Create bona fide buzz for you and your organization by giving everyone who walks through your doors – the RED CARPET experience!

The world is watching! We are growing companies and attracting others who are drawn to our community’s innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Whether it’s the investor coming to visit a prospect or a company looking for a new home, we want them to have a celebrity experience in Gainesville.

Help us reach our community goal of 3,000 people certified in customer service! Become a program sponsor with customer service talent scout credentials and special training rates or sign up for training for your organization.

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Questions / More Information

Contact Joe Johnson, Director of Business Services, at (352) 334-7120.

The Red Carpet Customer Service Training and Certification Program is being presented in partnership with CareerSource North Central Florida, Santa Fe College Center for Innovation and Economic Development (CIED), Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, and Innovation Gainesville.