Empower Your Employees through Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Today’s workforce succumbs to a wide range of personal dilemmas, such as stress, marital difficulties, financial trouble, legal issues and more. When lifestyle-related behaviors and chronic conditions affect your employees, you may notice a decline in productivity, employee engagement and business profitability, in addition to increased healthcare costs. As an employer, how can you communicate empathy, while balancing the health of your employees and your company?

Attend Company Lifestyle session two on September 23 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. at the Gainesville Chamber boardroom

Join Dr. Charles Oden, assistant professor of business at St. Leo University, as he shares information about Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) on Tuesday, September 23 at 9:30 a.m. at the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, 300 East University Ave. Suite 100. As part of the Company Lifestyle series, Oden will discuss the benefits of EAPs, provide tips on implementation and ways to gain local access.

Company Lifestyle, hosted by CareerSource North Central Florida and the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, is a series of organizational culture workshops where employers can discuss strategies to build or enhance company culture, address issues in the workplace and establish a network of support.

Last month, David Massias, CEO and cofounder of Shadow Health, kicked off the series with a presentation and roundtable discussion on building and maintaining effective organizational culture. Student Maid will cap the Company Lifestyle series by presenting session three, “Keep Your Employees Excited to Come to Work Each Day” on Tuesday, October 28.

Human resources is an invaluable asset to company culture, so it makes sense that as an employer you desire to look after your employees. Provide your staff with adequate resources to cope with stress, mental illness and family-related dilemmas by incorporating EAPs into your workplace culture. According to the Employees Assistance Society of North America, studies indicate employees who use EAPs often experience positive changes at work, including having fewer late days and absences, increased productivity and better work relationships. RSVP for Company Lifestyle session two today!

Company Lifestyle Session Two