CareerSource North Central Florida Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

Apprenticeship has long been a major part of the career training process. However, as technology advanced and the world began to change, the push for such training all but completely faded. Despite this, it’s still apparent how valuable apprenticeship is to those hoping to learn a new skill or trade. In the U.S., this realization has led to an annual week of apprenticeship awareness.

National Apprenticeship Week

Since 2015, National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) has taken the economical spotlight. The annual event takes place in November and is an opportunity for businesses and organizations in all industries to help prepare young and eager workers for a new career path.

This year’s NAW will be help the week of November 13th-19th across the nation. The events associated with NAW extend demand-driven work education – those participating learn as they work.

Newly appointed U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta is very supportive of National Apprenticeship Week: “National Apprenticeship Week provides an opportunity to put a spotlight on how apprenticeships can help Americans learn the skills they need for success in today’s workplace. By increasing the number of apprenticeships, more Americans will be on the path to family-sustaining jobs.”

The nationwide, annual event extends companies, trade and industry groups, unions, nonprofit organizations, and educational organizations an opportunity to highlight how they utilize apprenticeships in their own businesses and show their support for the expansion and continuation of similar programs.

Each state, city, and company hosts and participates in events that fit their culture and needs. These events include skill competitions, community forums, apprenticeship program open houses and graduations, roundtable events, career fairs and recruitment events, and much more.

CareerSource North Central Florida and National Apprenticeship Week

CareerSource North Central Florida is passionate about helping further apprenticeship programs in Alachua and Bradford counties. We recognize how important these experiences are for the changing American job economy and for professionals hoping to make a career change or enter the workforce.

CareerSource NCFL has helped develop programs like Startup Quest, an annual entrepreneurial mentorship program and contest that helps young professionals learn how to create their own work opportunities by partnering with successful business owners. We also host numerous career fairs throughout the year to help businesses connect with talented individuals.

In 2018, our organization plans to expand our apprenticeship programs so we can further assist in the growing and changing job economy. We’re dedicated to helping workers in Alachua and Bradford counties find their perfect career fits.

To learn more about National Apprenticeship week, visit the U.S. Department of Labor NAW information page.