BCI graduate conquers new terrain

slip face hummer

Nicole “Nikki” Cundiff, owner and founder of Slip Face Sandboards, is sparking an interest in sandboarding across the nation after opening less than a year ago. Recently the Anheuser-Busch brand Shock Top teamed up with Cundiff to make a future sandboarder’s dream come true as part of its “Live Your Dream” contest. The brewing company is presenting the winner with six Slip Face boards and a sandboarding vacation to Peru in early August.

Cundiff is also preparing for time on the road. Slip Face Sandboards is traveling for the first week of August from Michigan to southern California where the team will visit all U.S. sandboarding locations. Join the adventure! Cundiff will post trip updates on Facebook, Twitter @SlipFace and Instagram for locations and to meet up for a day of sandboarding.

In 2011, Cundiff learned the skills and necessities to start Slip Face Sandboards, a made-to-order sandboard manufacturer, during her classes at the Bradford County Incubator (BCI). Since then, Cundiff has generated sales throughout the U.S., including in Michigan, North Carolina and Oregon.

BCI is an entrepreneurship training program provided by the Santa Fe College Center for Innovation and Economic Development in partnership with CareerSource North Central Florida.

For more information, visit Slip Face Sandboards and Bradford County Incubator online.