Networking, Resumes & Interviews…Oh My!

Networking, Resumes and Interviews . . . Oh My!

We have all gone down Job Search Road. Maybe you attend networking events to get your foot in the door, you carefully craft your resume and then “wow ‘em” in the interview. It’s all lollipops and Technicolor, right?

Well, if you have not searched for a job in years, the process can become a whirlwind of different processes and new technology. The job-seeking environment changes rapidly, and it can be a challenge to keep those job-hunting skills up to date.

In June, FloridaWorks and presenting sponsor Bear Archery held an event at the Hippodrome State Theatre to help about 70 professional-level job seekers oil those skills that can get a little rusty.

‘Our Region’s Got Talent’ was a morning of workshops, presentations and discussions focused on helping retain Gainesville’s talent. Along the way, participants met three guides to help them on their journey. Human resources professionals Eva Del Rio, Linda Hildebrand and Gerald “Zag” Zagaiski, presented workshops focused on:

  • Headshot: Getting your foot in the door
  • Portfolio: Your resume
  • Audition: The art of the interview

Diane Childs said, “Of the more than 20 career-related events I’ve attended, your ‘Our Region’s Got Talent’ was exciting, filled with current information and so positive in nature.

“Thank you to the sponsors for this well-run event.”

Well, we are elated that Diane is singing that lovely tune. If you, or someone you know, could not attend ‘Our Region’s Got Talent,’ we have a weekly event that may just help you get past the gates.

CONNECT creates networking opportunitiesfor professionals with associate degrees or higher, or five or more years experience in an industry, and local human resources recruiters. Each week we cover different professional insights on transition, and twice a month HR recruiters conduct mini interviews for open positions in their organizations. Professional attire is recommended. Ruby slippers are optional. For more information, go to

We are proud of Gainesville’s talent and want to keep each and every one of you as a part of this community.

And your little dog too!