Training Resources

* The tax incentives referenced below are subject to change based on funding. This list is for general reference only and is not to be construed as a legal document.

Employed Worker Training

  • Designed to provide financial assistance through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), to employers that are upgrading the skills of their employees. *

Healthcare & Biomanufacturing Occupational & Technology Training (HBOTT) – grant funding for occupational training in fields of healthcare, bioscience manufacturing and technology

  • Reimbursement up to 90% depending on company size

Quick Response Training – grant funding for customized training for new or expanding businesses

  • Reimbursable training expenses

Incumbent Worker Training – grant funding for customized training for existing for-profit businesses

  • Business must be in operation in Florida for at least 1 year to receive reimbursable training expenses

On-the-Job Training – grant funding for training participants while on the job

  • Reimbursements up to 50% of the participant’s wage, training costs and additional training supervision

For questions regarding incentives and eligibility requirements, contact:
Alachua County: Joe Johnson, Director of Business Services, at 352.334.7120
Bradford County: Pam Whittle, CEO/President, at 904.964.5278.